Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing Guitar Can Give You Superpowers

It's true.  This is more true for men.  Rockstars can influence a crowd of tens of thousands with their guitar.  Douche-bags in college can steal the sexy women from the jocks and intellectuals, all with a few chords that even a dog could learn if it had the metacarpals...and opposing thumbs.  Those who want to learn to play the guitar should be aware of something, however.  With this power comes responsibility awesomeness.  You can draw in (usually) smokin' hot women, but remember that not all of them are single, and jocks have mean right hooks...Oh, and not all of them are clean either.  Especially the groupies and college coeds.  Filthy whores. 

Play awesomely.

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  1. The guitar sits in a corner untouched for years. Perhaps I should pick it up and learn to strum a few cords. Or perhaps it is best that I should leave the smouldering tempest untouched.