Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Post: This is my first post.

re·dun·dant /riˈdəndənt/Adjective
1. No longer needed or useful; superfluous.

2. (of words or data) Able to be omitted without loss of meaning or function.
3. chiefly British : no longer needed for a job and hence laid off.

re·dun·dant·ly re·dun·dant /riˈdəndəntly riˈdəndənt/ Noun
1. This blog.
2. This blog.
3. This blog.

I can already tell you that it will be an up-hill battle. You know like the one in Braveheart where where the Scots finally lost and William Wallace got all pissed off and ran after the king of England but that dude (Robert the Bruce; wouldn't it be cool to have a last name that's simply "the Something"?) knocked him off his horse and upon having his identity revealed let William Wallace go? That one.

Now that I've lost you completely, let me bring you back by thanking you for reading this blog.  I know that you have a choice in blogs, and because you've chosen to read mine, I'll do my best to make it worth your while. Let's start with boobs and kitties:

Ok, so it's a pair of boobs and only one kitten, but it's still aesthetically pleasing, no?

It's currently 2:10am in the morning, so I apologize for my first post this.

Please stay tuned for more redundant redundancy...

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