Friday, October 16, 2015

I Agree with (half) of Bernie Sander's Opening Debate Statement

- I agree that the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission should be overturned (Bernie himself actually filed...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

OIR is very, very different from OEF/OIF.

Let's remember that ISIL doesn't view Iraq and Syria as separate countries. As such, OIR is against the so-called Islamic State on both sides of the border.  In addition, there's another war being fought concurrently in the Levant between the Syrian Regime and opposition forces.

OIR in Iraq and Syria can only be won with boots on the ground.  The air campaign has been very effective in supporting US-backed groups that are fighting ISIL, but more cooperation is needed between those groups and others to make the gains last.  There are several groups that (if they cooperated) would be very effective in retaking areas past the Mar'a line and into Ar Raqqah from ISIL, but these gains can only last if the Syrian Regime (now backed in force by Russia) doesn't wipe those groups out from the western front.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of cogs in this war, and not all of them are spinning in support of each other.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sending Sarcasm Over the Internet

Not a fan of hash tags, nor how the internet has yet come up with a better way to convey tone via the written word, so I'd like to submit the following symbol to be used when making a sarcastic statement in writing:
§ <--
Ex: § Hillary's doing a great job at coming across as a relatable, truthful individual.
"Tell your friends. It's gonna be a thing!" - Barney Stinson
Credit goes to Mrs. K for the idea.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The following rant includes profanity and exclamation marks:

This is why these twisted fuckers must be killed-- en masse! ISIL/ISIS broke away from Al Qaida because even AQ thought their killing of Muslims was too fucked up. To believe that GOD is encouraging you to rape non-believers?! Your "God" sounds like more like a former angel that I learned about in Sunday school than the benevolent, selfish, and vengeful God that I call my own. I normally think of the NY Times as a dribbling, overly-liberal news rag (because it is), but credit belongs where it's due, and I'm glad that they're doing their part to bring these atrocities to light.

When people wonder why ISIL must be destroyed, this is just one of the reasons..