Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Titles

I've been playing with the idea of writing a book for a while now.  It would probably take me years, what with my job, school, ADHD and alcoholism, but I think that it could be a good learning experience, and maybe even help some people.

NOTE: Only about 96.5% of what I just wrote was true.

Here are some titles I've been throwing around a Motel 6:

The Backpocket Handbook of Smartass Remarks and Comebacks

How NOT to Pick Up Chicks
(To Start, They're Called "Women")

"Welcome to Work. You're Fired©"
(Why Your Boss Hates You)

What Happens in Vegas...Can Be Submitted in a Court of Law

How to Get Ahead in Life Without Scraping Your Knees

Why I'm Better Than You
(And Other Reasons to Buy This Book)

Don't Force It

One thing I've learned in my relatively short time on this blog is that you really need to wait for the inspiration to strike you for a post.  In other words, don't force it (good advice for writing posts as well as with women).

Tonight, however, I'm going to try and force it--Don't worry, I'm talking about the blog, not women.

Most of my posts are a best effort multimedia attempt at eliciting a chuckle, or hopefully, some real laughter.  Doing so with just text is much more challenging (and usually just as boring for me as it is for you).  

So without further adieu, I apologize in advance.

(Hey, here's the link. Apparently, it wasn't obvious enough):