Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why the Cardigan Must Come Back

OK, so I know that the cardigan really isn't "gone", but it definitely doesn't have the same presence that it used to (or should still have).  The cardigan is an amazing piece of attire.  Wearable indoors or outdoors, it's a stylish article of clothing that can both formal AND casual at the same time!  Sadly, the majority of cardigans went the way of Old Yeller after the early 90's.  Therefore, in an effort to help restore the cardigan to its former glory, I will purchase my own and wear it every Monday this winter.  Now I may be but one man, but I am also awesome.  You too can be awesome by getting your own cardigan and rocking it like one of the Greats:

Mr. Rogers

Bill Cosby

Monkey in a Cardigan

Thanks for reading, and wear your cardigan...again.

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